We are a non-profit social enterprise! While we want to help women make a little bit of money for themselves, we also want to do something good. So, we work to help women empower themselves and each other AND we take as many plastic bags out of the environment as we can.

We have recently starting using reclaimed fabric that would have otherwise been thrown away. We have begun giving women the option to also learn how to sew and/or have a place they can put existing sewing skills to use. 




Plarn is plastic yarn - the colorful plarn ballsmaterial we make from that turns a single-use plastic bag into an "upcycled" product.  The work of C2includes teaching people how to make plarn so that more and more single-use plastic bags can be removed from the environment and turned into products that are more durable and useful. 



With the help of grants from Catholic Campaign for Human Development and St. Benedict the Moor Parish in Milwaukee, C2pays women a small stipend to learn how to make plarn as well as how to crochet. Once products they make sell, the artisan earns 50% of the profit and the rest of it returns to the group so additional artisans can receive the benefits of training. 




"This economy kills. Human beings themselves are considered consumer goods to be used and then discarded. We have created a 'throwaway' culture which is now spreading. In this way life too is discarded." -Pope Francis

C2E is reversing our throw-away culture.  Together we will live into Pope Francis' vision where "No one is disposable."




How can I help?

  • Become a certified plarn producer! Women may attend our plarn making sessions each week (Tuesday-Thursday 12-3pm) to learn, or we are available to do on site demonstrations with your group.
  • If you know how to crochet-become a crochet coach. Crochet coaches are needed to work one on one with our artisans, so they can learn the stitches. (Left-handed coaches are occasionally needed!) Coaching can happen by your schedule or during our plarn making sessions.
  • Hire us for your next sewing project.  
  • Financial contributions are welcome as we develop our training opportunities and to buy needed supplies; Buying  our products supports individual artisans as well as the group. 
  • Collect USED plastic bags for us! We are always accepting donations of used plastic bags which can be dropped off at 831 N. Van Buren in Milwaukee. 
  • Donate sewing machines and equipment. Not only do our tote bags save fabric from the landfill, they also help encourage people to stop using the single use plastic bags. To make this easy for you, we have created a wish list: http://tinyurl.com/C2Ewishes
  • Share the love! Tell your friends and families about us so that we can have a greater reach in teaching people about the harms of plastic on the environment and how we can be a part of the solution together. 
  • Join our group - open to all women seeking healing in their lives - and who isn't?  We integrate into our work all different kinds of art as well as the processing of our experience with the help of counseling interns from Bread of Healing Clinic.  The community alone that is built through these efforts promotes connection and healing.