Introducing Our Artisans...Velma!

Have you ever wondered about our artisans and what they think about our organization? Do you wonder what keeps them going? Well you're in luck! Welcome to our first installment of "Introducing Our Artisans"-a series of posts about the artisans active in Cathedral Squared Enterprises! Each post will give you a look into who each artisan is. First up is Velma!

Velma first started coming to our workshops in October 2017. She has been a dedicated member ever since; so much so that she is on our Board of Directors! Velma brings such a beautiful and positive light wherever she goes. She is incredibly friendly, and never lets anyone feel left out!

We did an interview with her, and this is what she said!


 What brought you to cathedral squared enterprises?

A friend told me about how they were crocheting plastic bags and we would be able to make a couple of dollars when selling our art work.

What has kept you coming?

The desire to crochet and find peace of mind, and to be around other people who enjoy doing what I came to learn to do


What do you like best about this group?

I get to learn something new and how to crochet plastic bags. I enjoy the conversation that we have, and how we all encourage each other and help each other.


What's the most important thing, or your favorite thing that you've leaned here?

How to stay active and connected with all different types of people from walks of life. Being connected to these different people helps me to know I am not alone.


What do you want people outside of the group to know about it?

It's fun! It gives you an opportunity to be creative and keeps you motivated.


What strengths do you have that keep you going?

I easily make friends and have determination when I set my mind to a project.


What can community supporters do to help you achieve you goals?

Keep supporting the group!


How have you grown since being a part of the group?

I have learned how to interact with different ethnic groups, and different personalities when coming to group.


Anything else you want to say?

Coming to this group has helped me so much. Learning how to crochet has been therapeutic when I was dealing with personal issues and life on life's terms.


 Thank you, Velma, for all that you do, and for being you!!!



Want to know how to best support this organization and our artisans? Check out the "How Can I Help?" section on our FAQ's page!

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