A Farewell By Our Program Director-Sarah

I came to Cathedral Squared Enterprises through a local volunteer program called the Tau Volunteer program (to read more about my experience as a whole go here and scroll to page 10). The work I knew I was going to be doing here is what made me choose this program over the others I was looking at, and I loved it so much that I extended my original 1 year commitment to 2 years!

Now, all of a sudden this second year is just about over. In just a few days I will be saying goodbye to the Cathedral, Cathedral Squared Enterprises and all of the amazing women I have been so lucky to work with and get to know. 

Being apart of this organization has been such an honor, and I will carry these experiences and lessons with me for the rest of my life. It has been so fun to watch this group grow and develop, and even more fun to have been apart of all of that.

My favorite part of all of this has been seeing this transformation happen in the women, especially those who have stuck with us for so long. So often have women come in having no idea how to crochet, and having a ton of hard stuff going on in their personal lives. The cheering can be heard down the hallway when women get into the groove of crocheting, or when something finally turns in their favor making whatever is going on in their live easier or better. Their faces light up with joy at having learned or accomplished something, and with having this community-which often feels like family-cheering them on. Don't even get me started when women sell their first product-or any product for that matter! Their faces light up when they see that someone has found value and worth in something they made! I've seen this translate to the women seeing more value and worth in themselves.

My leaving is such a bittersweet one. I am so excited to go home again, and figure out what is next for me. However, at the same time leaving C²E and Milwaukee is so sad and hard. I will be leaving the family that I created here, so a piece of my heart will always be here. 

And so...thank you to everyone who made these past 2 years amazing, and thank you to C²E for giving me a chance, and becoming family.


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